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Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo of author by Kevin Tomasello
When we are wholloped with winter weather, I don't think of tropical beaches, I think of Maine. Summer in Maine, or fall or spring. Stonington, to be exact. A sweet little secret for those who love the rugged coast, but want to avoid the hoards of visitors. Not a luxury vacation, but a memorable one. Full of hikes on rocky trails, the fresh breath of the ocean, savory seafood, careful kayaking with an eye on the tides, rugged terrain with heart-stopping views on Isle Au Haut accessible only by mailboat, and endless photo opportunities.

Writing is a sort of oasis, too. Even when I can't really get away, I can create a get-away through words on a page. Just as writing can transport the reader, the act itself can also transport and transform the writer. So, when you're laid up or housebound for any reason, turn to the story within. You might find a hidden wonder. Then, when you do get out, you may be better able to wonder at the outer world.
Photo from Isle Au Haut by Laura Bear