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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Photo by Kevin Tomasello
Eighteen inches Wednesday then another foot Thursday. We had to shovel a pathway for our little dog. He's not too happy. He loves to roll around in the snow, but now when he tries he just gets buried in it. Ah, winter.

Worked a little on one of my short stories today, FRIGID AIR. We had to go buy birsdseed and groceries, and well, shovel. I have submitted to a couple places for my novel HEARTLAND and am trying to be patient while I research more publishers and agents.

I've had varying advice on trying to get an agent. Some fellow writers say I must have one, others say nay, not yet. So, I have been reading as much as I can about the process and what would be appropriate for my book. I would love for people to actually read it. I am also playing around with ideas for my next novel. It's definitely a process.

I am fortunate to have an office in my home devoted to writing. In truth, it is also devoted to bill-paying, but I figure that's not completely out of line. I hope to be able to pay the bills with my writing some day. Like I said, it's a process. I try to fill the place with things that inspire me: books on writing and books I love to read; pictures from music concerts; handmade pottery, wood shelving made by local carpenter friends; photos of my family and photos my husband and I took of wildlife; not to mention several musical instruments--all things I love. There is usually a cat on one of the desks and my dog at my feet. It could be more organized, but I am working on that. For excellent writing office set up and great reading, check out Gregory Norris's blog: An extraordinary writer and editor, and a wonderful person to boot.

Time now to spend some time away from the computer. As Stephen King says in his excellent book ON WRITING, (forgive my paraphrasing of it) it's not about living to write, but about writing to live.

Stay warm.