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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Photo by Laura Bear
Some Carolina Wrens have been frequenting the feeders during all this snowy weather. After a morning of sending queries to publishers, I took a break with the camera.
My spouse was sick all day, so we spent the day at home, much to the dismay of Teddy the dog who is always ready to go somewhere. We should have been out cross country skiing. We haven't had snow like this in years. Maybe next weekend, although it's supposed to warm up mid-week and ruin the snow.
A writer friend, Julie Hedlund, has a post of gratitude every Sunday on her blog. Check it out. Not to steal her idea, but it does remind me to be thankful, so here are some things for which I am grateful this week:

My husband who keeps the fire going in the woodstove.

A quiet weekend to work on my writing and submissions.

A good workout on the indoor bicycle while watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Technology that allows me to chat with my son and share information quickly, even though it drives me crazy sometimes.

The outdoor feral cat doesn't try to take my hand off when I feed him anymore and he's enjoying his insulated cat retreat during the sub-freezing nights.

The moonlight on the snow last night.

Good books to read.


Acoustic music.

That's all for now. Goodnight.