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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Photo by Kevin Tomasello
Another sub-zero morning with a snow storm on the way tomorrow. Part of the inspiration for my short-story work in progress FRIGID AIR, no doubt. I love snow, but I am a little tired of winter this year. So, I'd like to ponder some warm thoughts:

A fire burning in the woodstove and two kitties toasting by the hearth.

A cup of hot Chai tea by the fire with Gregory Norris' THE FIERCE AND UNFORGIVING MUSE or Jodi Picoult's THE STORY TELLER on my Kindle.

A soft kiss from my husband.

The memory of a kind and talented man who fought his way back from a devastating stroke and cancer, but died too soon this year.

People who take a moment to be kind.

A message from my son.

Readers, people who love books!

A friendly community of writers.

The greeting I get from my dog every time I walk through the door.

And, yes, winter. For it's stark beauty and frigid cold that make spring seem like a glorious celebration!

That's all for now. May your winter be the catalyst for creativity and a symbol of faith that the sun will warm the earth again soon.