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Friday, November 11, 2016

A Voice Among Many

I've been trying to take some time to get my thoughts together after the results of this Presidential election. Those who know me or read any of my writings know where I stand politically. I try to stay away from politics on this blog, but it would be inauthentic of me to ignore what's going on. I am a writer, so my actions start with the written word.

Photo by author, 2015 
This whole election process has been anxiety-producing. The results, for me and for many people, are devastating. I want to take the high road, as Michelle Obama has always so eloquently suggested, but first I will be blunt. This man Trump is not my President. He who spews hatred, division, bigotry, fear, and aggression; who lacks respect for women, minorities, people of color, people with disabilities, people who disagree with him, people who report the truth, nature, science, humanity, education, and the future of our planet. He who loves only money and power and truly only cares about himself, who bullies others and carries on like a spoiled, rich toddler--he does not represent me. I will not "unite" with those who tell me to "get over it" and to "not take it so seriously." I will not compromise my beliefs to "make nice" to those who choose to ignore or even rejoice in this man's message of hatred and fear. I do not align myself with people who hate others for the color of their skin or their sexuality or gender. I do not approve of "locker-room talk" which is simply a mask for sexual aggression against women. I will never be okay with sexual assault of any kind. To expect me to ignore the lies and promises of this President-"elect," for the "good of our country" is an insult to my sense of decency. 

Many of my friends and acquaintances and most of my family voted for Trump. To know this is especially difficult for me to reconcile. I understand that most people in this country are fed up with the hypocrisy of the political system. I understand that people who have lost jobs because they believe some politician sent them to China. I understand that blue collar workers and middle class people are struggling in this economy. I agree that there needed to be a shake up in Washington. But I will never understand how anyone with any conscience, with any care for the future of our country, for any concern for others at all could vote for a man who is a bigot, a sexual predator, a regressionist, and a narcissist who promotes himself on the concepts of hating people of different religions, hating people from other countries who look to our country to escape war and poverty, encouraging violence against LGBT people and any person who might say anything against him; who mocks people's disabilities and mocks the parents of a hero who died fighting for our country--I could go on, but I suspect it still doesn't matter to you. I will not unite with those who hate. Period.

Instead, I will look for the healers. I will learn from the teachers, the scientists, the philosophers, the caring, the helping, the just, the wise. I reject Trump and his followers' idea that education is bad. In fact, it is ridiculous to promote the dumbing down of America for that is exactly how someone like Trump can have power over us. I will unite with those who believe in giving and sharing. With those who work hard and try to do what's right for all and not for just themselves. I will fight for our natural areas. I will defend and protect those who have no voice; those who need help; those who are strong enough to stand against those who hate. I will lend my voice and give my support to those fighting for the rights of ALL the people in this country. I am destroyed by the realization that many of my fellow Americans hate so much. I am grieving now, but I will survive. Humanity will rise again, but we will have to fight for it. If you care, get involved. Write letters, join organizations that promote civil rights, women's rights, immigration rights, speak out against sexual assault and indignity of anyone, protect the environment--whatever you care deeply about. Act now. Act often. Be diligent. All is not yet lost.